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New Mel Gibson Audio Tape- “F—ing Spacemen get off my lawn!”

26 Jul

July 26, 2010

A new Mel Gibson audio tape has surfaced today. It is the eighth such audio allegedly released by his ex-girlfriend. In it, Mel Gibson rails against “spacemen” who have been ruining his lawn. Experts believe the tape is authentic.

“God damn f—ing spacemen get off my lawn!” Gibson is heard to shout. “I know all about you people!”

In the tape, the Signs actor angrily demands that his former girlfriend “tell those moon-men of yours to stop leaving crop circles on my lawn! I know what they mean!” He then screamed some random racial epithets and asked “do you want to be raped by those Martian c— suckers? Is that what you want?”

The twelve minute recording ends with a semi-coherent screed including “God never made no Martians!”

This new tape follows yesterday’s release of a tape of Gibson allegedly threatening to kill Capt’n Crunch if his cereal got soggy just one more time.

"God damn moon-men! Stay off my f---ing lawn!"

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