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Picture Postcard: Calvert Vaux Park, Brooklyn NY

5 Jul

June 5, 2016

I took these in Calvert Vaux Park on July 3rd. This is a large park in South Brooklyn that, due to its isolation alongside the Belt Parkway, relatively few people go to. You can see the Coney Island Parachute Jump in the background of a couple, and if you look closely, you can spot a horseshoe crab or two. This is their spawning season. Much of the park is brand new and newly renovated, with ball fields and picnic areas. But along the water, there are still old relics of abandoned piers and half-submerged boats. I only covered the southern edge of the park and I’ll follow up with more pics from the bulk of the park later on in the month. 

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New Year’s Eve in Brooklyn 2014/2015 (Part 3)

10 Jan

January 10, 2015

There were a few other people in the parking lot, all of them much less drunk than the guy on the steps. Notably, there was family of 5 or 6, with a couple of kids who couldn’t be older than 8,  just standing around their SUV, all of them dressed in party hats, blinking glasses, and all the usual New Year’s Eve bling you can only wear one night in your lifetime. They were slightly confused, all looking around, seeing nothing but the darkened boardwalk, and it didn’t take a mind reader to know what they were thinking: “This is it?”

The parachute jump was lit up, its neon colors throwing reflections on the scarce windshields in the parking lot, there were two police cars parked on the boardwalk, and a few random people walking around, in vain, to find the party. There were more people sitting in their cars and avoiding the freezing wind, hoping that at 9 o’clock something, anything, would begin.

As much as I’d like to say that there was more, much more, the truth is that well yeah, that was pretty much it.

But I went looking for more.

And I almost found it.


To Be Continued






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