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Am I Your Portal to Charo?

19 Feb

February 19, 2010

Am I your portal to Charo?

The Editors and Staff of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride (hereafter known simply as “me”) really want to know.

Since moving to WordPress, while this site has not exactly set the blogsphere (or blogoverse, if you prefer) on fire, it has more than tripled the number of readers I used to get when I blogged on the unpainted side of a barn. But I digress.

So while I am not getting hundreds or thousands of views per day, I am getting anywhere from 95- 155 per day. Big numbers? If you are CNN, no. If you are the guy who posts different irrelevant top ten lists every week, no. (This week’s was about mail order brides. He left one out- #11- They drug you and steal your kidneys while you are on vacation.) Again, I digress. Wildly. I am digressing the Hell out of this blog. Anyway, big numbers. Are 95-155 views per day a lot?  If you are me, yes.

What concerns me, though, is what drives these numbers. Let me show you a sample of search engine terms that have driven traffic to my blog over the past few weeks.

richard simmons
picture of charo
1970 + role model
role models of the 70’s
charo cuci cuci
richard simmons images
welcome back kotter
did jimmie walker attend esther rolle’s funeral
esther rolle funeral
marcia strassman
juan epstein
who were 1970 male role models?

See a trend here? These were not one-time searches, theese turn up every day in my blog stats. So every day someone goes to google or yahoo or googwho or whatever and types in “did jimmie walker attend esther rolle’s funeral.” Every single day someone types in “charo cuci cuci” and ends up here. Some days these searches are responsible for over half of all my blog views.

Who knew Charo was still so popular?

Anyway, for anyone who really needs Charo pics and more, here are the links you need:
1970’s TV Role Models
1970’s Role Models Round Two
1970’s Role Models Round Three
Who is the best 1970’s television role model? FINAL ROUND!

For better, and possibly funny, blogs, try these:
No Toilet No Bride
Early Saturday Morning, Drunk in the Laundromat
The Brighton Beach Rats
The Burger King Whopper Virgins
A Day In The Life of Tony Danza’s Agent

Do I feel like a tool for plugging myself? Yes I do. But not as much of a tool as the guys who search for Charo cuci cuci pics every single day.

And if you happen to be one of those guys, thanks, and this is for you:


1970’s Role Models Round Two

4 Jan

January 4, 2010

Who is the best 1970’s television role model?

In round one, overweight single mother Esther Rolle beat overweight single mother Mabel King to advance to the next round. What powered Esther to the win? Her picture was funnier.

Round Two

“THE MAN”                                                VS.                              JUAN EPSTEIN


CHICO AND THE MAN                                            WELCOME BACK KOTTER

Chico and The Man was the heartwarming story of a grumpy old racist who took in Freddie Prinze Jr.’s father. He was drunk most of the time, due to the fact that he kept a bottle of whiskey hidden in his hat. Many years before, The Man traveled through time in a time machine he invented in his garage.


However, heavy drinking had left him a shell of his former self. To survive, he became a part time mechanic, part time gigolo.


1970’s icon Charo often paid for his services. What was Charo famous for? I don’t know.

“Cuchi cuchi!”

Juan Epstein was a Sweat Hog. What does that mean? You don’t want to know. Welcome Back Kotter was best known for igniting the career of Marcia Strassman.


Ms. Strassman went on to guest star in an episode of Murder, She Wrote and later had an uncredited role in 1994’s Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. (I know it sounds like I made that up, but sadly, I did not.)

Epstein was one of the many twenty-something’s that television has tried to pass off as high school kids over the years. His teacher was this man, Gabe Kaplan, professional poker player.


Look at that mustache. Would you trust that man with your kids? At any rate, Juan Epstein was a good for nothing, but he always had a note from his mother. No homework? He had a note. No book report? He had a note. No alibi for the night the Sweat Hogs knocked over the liquor store? Don’t worry; he had a note from his mom.


Why? So I have an excuse to run one more picture of Charo:


 Coming Soon: Round Three: Barnaby Jones Vs. Fish

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