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Spotlight: Mike Mongello

27 Nov

November 27, 2011

Mob Week rolls on and on this week, interrupted only by American Chopper on Tuesday.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the spotlights. There are a lot more to come, including some wonderful legends and beautiful art.

And speaking of art, time for the man whose art adorns each and every Mob Week post, Mike Mongello.

He’s no stranger to this site, and we are no stranger to his art. He has provided some wonderful banners for this site, like the big 500th post banner.

Recently, his Halloween banner graced this site.

He’s been the subject of not one but four spotlights in the past. Click on the thumbnails to go to the showcases.

 This highlights Mike’s all-around genius. Find Superman, cars, and beautiful women here.

Star Wars extravaganza!

 Here is the Justice League as only Mike Mongello can do them. A huge selection of heroes, with a couple of members of the Justice Society mixed in too.

 Halloween! This is where you’ll find some amazing interpretations of classic monsters, along with portraits of horror stars like Christopher Lee, Boris Karloff, and Bela Lugosi.

And now, since this is the Thanksgiving weekend,  we can all give thanks for some new Mike Mongello artwork.

All of Mike Mongello’s artwork can be found on his site, www.supermonge.com.

All contents ™ and © 2011 Michael Mongello unless otherwise noted herein. All rights reserved.

Critics Corner: Justice League of America by Michael Mongello

21 Jun

June 21, 2011

Readers of this blog have long admired the work of Michael “Supermonge” Mongello. I loved his Superman so much that I gave him the whole blog to show off his stuff. Once wasn’t enough so I turned over the blog to his Star Wars work. And lastly, when it was time for a banner to celebrate my 500th post I turned to Monge yet again.

To say I like his stuff is an understatement. And honestly, he keeps getting better.

He does it all. Hop over to www.supermonge.com see his heroes, his Titans, his cars, his women, all top of the line.

But first, check out his JLA. This is one is a monster! (Click on it to enlarge- and I mean it, this one is big.)

Next up, the Big Gun of the Summer, Green Lantern:

Straight out of DC’s Flashpoint event, The Flash!

Here are two characters who, pre-Crisis, were Earth-1 and Earth-2 counterparts, Power Girl and Supergirl:

And another duo, Green Arrow and Black Canary:

Plastic Man:

In her classic fishnets, what else? Zatanna!

Next up, two guys you usually don’t think of when you think JLA but wait until you see Black Lightning and Dr. Fate:

We’ve seen Green Lantern and Green Arrow, so here’s the green Martian Manhunter:

Next, DC’s Big Three:

Another orignal member of the JLA, Aquaman:

This is another classic team-up, Hawkman and The Atom:

DC is launching 52 titles, there’s no room for art like this?

Mike Monge can often be found appearing at comic cons so if he’s at one by you, make sure you stop by and get a sketch.

And here’s a bonus, Green Arrow solo. (Ollie always liked playing the field.)

All contents ™ and © 2011 Michael Mongello unless otherwise noted herein. All rights reserved.

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