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The Pantsless Peanut

12 Mar

March 12, 2014

Mr. Peanut has received a makeover and as usual he is not wearing pants. The gave him a snazzy, upper-class twit-style waistcoat, but his lower half is still au natural.

I realize that there is a rich history of pantsless anthropomorphic cartoon characters- Donald Duck, Porky Pig, Bill Clinton- but what makes Mr. Peanut stand out is that he is skirting the issue (so to speak) by wearing some sort of leg warmers. They look like pants legs but do not cover his crotch.


Why must he walk around with his nut hanging out? He is still instantly recognizable with his lower shell discretely covered.

I say it is time to strike a blow for morals and decency. Join me in my crusade to put a pair of pants on Mr. Peanut.





Some Things Never Go Out Of Style (Archives a6 and a7)

11 Apr

April 11, 2013

antiquities header

Some things never go out of style. for example, Star Trek. This Antiquity from the Archives concerns Star Trek: The Next Generation. And that’s good, since that is a classic program.

However, there are some things that never go away that you just wish would shut up and get out of your face, like the Clintons. Will we never be done with Bill and Hilary Clinton???? Yet that is what this Antiquity  concerns as well.

Bill Clinton and Star Trek. You could put this post in a time warp and even in the 41st century they’d know Bill Clinton and Star Trek.

Trek 2

This juror on The Little Rock Whitewater trial came from Brooklyn, I am sorry to admit.

She wore a Star Trek uniform, complete with toy phaser and tricorder, to sit on a jury. “I stand for Star Trek’s ideals.”

At least Star Wars fans only call themselves Jedi, they don’t usually dress like one. But as I’ve said before, Trek fans are nuts. They learn to speak Klingon, a fictional tv language. They walk around in Trek costumes in broad daylight. And they claim wearing a Starfleet uniform to formal occasions “is appropriate.”

Note to Barbara Adams: It is not.

Trek 1

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