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Sneak Peek! September 27th, 2015

27 Sep

September 27, 2015

mystery box

What’s coming up on Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride! It’s a mystery! It can be anything!

But it isn’t a boat.

There’s a new Saturday Comics, featuring a great comic you should be reading right now. (Well, not right now, first read a couple of the posts here, then go out and read it.)

I’ll tell you a story in which I act a little out of character and frankly, I was kind of a jerk. It also involves pizza so you know you’ll like it, and it’ll have a snide aside (to be known from here on as an “asnide”) about New York’s truly crappy Mayor de Blassio #onetermmayor.

There is also a sparkling new New York Minute on the horizon, and another installment of Misfortune Cookies.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? What am I, Kreskin? Surf over and find out!

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