Fun With Teh Internets: Google Analytics

20 Aug

August 20, 2012

Hi everyone! I’m still on vacation; it’s going great thanks for asking! Well, it’s going great for me anyway. Not so much for those poor Sherpas, but hey – they knew the risks.

In the meantime, I understand Mr. B is scraping the bottom of the barrel and reprinting some of my earlier works. My agent should know better than to allow that! She knows my archives are coming out in book form soon enough! Kill Whitey: The Collected Works of Allen Keyes will be available next month from Do-It-Yourself Press (an imprint of U-Pay-For-It Books). So in an attempt to keep him from violating my copyright further, here’s something to tide you all over until I return.

Transparency is the new buzzword nowadays. So in an effort to be transparent, I thought I’d share with you all some of the Google analytics we regularly run on this blog. This is real behind-the-scenes stuff everyone. We’re through the looking glass people! Let’s check this stuff out and see what makes Mr. BTR tick….


Below are the top 5 search requests that have been driving traffic to the site in the past year:         Note to my legions of enemies: I’M STILL ALIVE AND KICKING BEEOTCHES! You thought you cut the brakes to my car, but it wasn’t mine! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re gonna have to raise your game to take me down chumps! But I’m not worried. Trump failed, what can the rest of you do?


These are the most common sites that people come to us from. They visit these sites before coming to our little corner of the net: 

Wow, we have a real highbrow bunch here. I mean jeeze guys. What is wrong with you? Harvard Divinity School? This is a family site, we don’t want any of that kind of stuff here. Bruce Villanch is diesel, just try and tell me he isn’t.


MBTR seems to have a global reach. Heck, it’s extra-global! For our North Korean friends I’d like to say: 퇴폐 서쪽을 지배할 것 이다!  For our friends in Monaco I’d like to say:  Look guys, I apologize for that little incident in the casino last year. It wasn’t really me, it was the Drambuie talking.  I’ll pay back that baccarat marker in no time.


The most popular individual pages on the site: Ah yes, I remember that column quite well. I put my heart and soul into writing it. I really dug deep and wrote from the heart to explain myself and what I was feeling and my motivations. Reviewing the Death of Sad Sack was quite possibly the best writing I’ve done over my 32 year career….


For more in depth stats, check this out and find out who really reads Mr. Blog.


3 Responses to “Fun With Teh Internets: Google Analytics”

  1. zathra August 20, 2012 at 1:43 am #

    I am properly agog. Had I your talent, I probably could’ve written something on the level of Barry Levinson & Tom Fontana by now. I speak of the mini – series ” COPPER ” on BBC America.

    People come from the Kremlin site to here ? Has Vladimir Putin sent any fan e – mail ? 😉 Das Vdanya, tovarisch.


    • allenkeyes August 20, 2012 at 8:48 am #

      Dont spoil Copper- its on my TiVo!!


      • zathra August 20, 2012 at 9:22 am #

        OKAAAAAY…… but the impression I got was as if Charles Dickens wrote a crime novel set in early NYC, with Wild / Old West influences blended in. Good work, Levinson & Fontana ! That’s not giving away much…..


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