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Imponderable #3: Maryland

29 Jun

June 29, 2011

The legal profession is one of the least respected and trusted. Only politicians and used car salesmen have worse reputations. Is it deserved? In many cases it is not. Other times they bring it on themselves.

I have to say upfront that I know nothing of this law firm other than what I read in the advertisement above. (I have to say it to avoid a lawsuit. You know how lawyers are.)

That ad is designed to drum up business. It does do by highlighting the lawyers “winning track record.” The disclaimer then goes on to suggest that you should ignore the winning track record. (They have to say it to avoid a lawsuit. They know how lawyers are too.) The ad then goes on to describe a case the firm won in which their client was awarded $1.725 million in an out-of-court settlement.

In a nutshell, the case involved a driver who was rear-ended by a speeding donut truck and suffered a severe head injury and amnesia. Though it doesn’t mention the police, I bet they were at the scene of the donut tragedy in a heartbeat.

That is all well and good as far as it goes, but was it a wise choice to show how seriously they take their jobs by headlining the story with the bad joke “Man is Creamed by a Donut truck”? You know, because many donuts are filled with cream? And should they have trivialized the horrible auto accident as a “bump in the road”?

I would also like to state for the record that lawyers are not known for their sense of humor, and there’s the proof.

Would you trust your legal representation to a firm with such a silly attitude?

Why would a law firm put such poor jokes into their ad and expect to be taken seriously?

The question is Imponderable.

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