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Sneak Peek of the Week of June 26th, 2011

26 Jun

June 26, 2011

I took that picture, minus a bit of obvious manipulation, at the abandoned Dever State School in Taunton Massachusetts, yet another place I shouldn’t have been in with a person I shouldn’t have been with.

But as I did then, let’s ignore the warning and see what’s in store for Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride this week.

We begin the week with a Picture Postcard, an abandoned fortress, and an urban legend. We’ll salute Medical Marvels and the men and women who perform them, and we’ll stay in the white-collar world with an Imponderable from the legal profession. To round out the week, Saturday Comics will somehow link Desi Arnaz, Fred Flintstone, and Joe DiMaggio. All this, the one subject you should never bring up in my presence, and more, this week on Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride.

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