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The Modern Stone Age Hebrew Family?

14 May

May 14, 2011- afternoon

All this talk about The Flintstones reminded me of something.

Back in the 1970’s may family and I were going to Sheepshead Bay. We parked the car across the street and were walking over to the boats when a man came over to us. He looked normal and carried a handful of pamphlets so we knew right away he was a kook. He asked us “are you Jewish?”

There was nothing about us to suggest that we were Jewish, or any other religion for that matter. I doubt we could have passed as Sikhs but that’s about it, and my red hair and fair complexion usually gets me pegged as Irish. (I myself have claimed in a few old blogs to be descended from an old ancestor, “that sailing Scottish Jew” but there is not a trace of Scots in me. And as far as being born to the sea with saltwater in my veins, a few transfusions took care of that.)

So he asked the question and a look passed between Mom and Dad. It wasn’t a look of caution or wariness, it was a look of  “what the hell?” Being Jewish we told him that yes, we were Jewish. Knowing Dad he would have answered yes anyway had we been devout Mormons just to see what this guy wanted.

He wanted to give us a pamphlet about Passover. In fact he gave us two, one for me and one for my brother. I was thrilled. Seriously, I mean that, I was thrilled. Why? Because it was a Flintstones comic!

Yes, a Flintstones comic. It looked professional despite being printed only in black and orange. In it, Fred and Wilma got ready for a Seder and explained the history of Passover and matzo. The Rubbles came over and they all shared a traditional Jewish Passover. As I said, it looked thoroughly professional and could have been an actual official Hanna Barbera product if you overlooked the yarmulkes Fred and Barney wore and the shawls on Wilma and Betty.

Of course I didn’t keep it and of course I can’t find a trace of it on the internet.

I swear I am not making this up.

The Saturday Comics: The Flintstones

14 May

May 14, 2011

Before I start, any time I mention The Flintstones is a good excuse to post my favorite episode:

I hope you enjoyed that, unless Hanna Barbera sent some goons over to force me to take them down.

And while I’m at it, my favorite Flintstones name? Joe Rockhead, no question.

Thanks for indulging me.

The Flintstones comic strip, which if you’ve read any of these comic strip blogs you won’t be surprised to hear I never heard of before, ran from 1961 to at least 1998 and some sources claim it still runs in some places though I can’t prove it. For all I know some penny-saver in some hick town gets this strip. They run from faithful to the original cartoon to social commentary. Behold!

Did you catch that? They got Yabba Dabba Doo wrong! They forgot the “y”!

And this wasn’t the only Hanna Barbera ‘toon to get stripped:

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