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The Jewish Umbrella Store

24 Apr

April 24, 2016

Hey, did I ever tell you my idea for a Jewish-owned umbrella store?

I call it…


Oy! That’s winner if I ever heard one! It’s my next big idea!




The Flintstone Flyer (Jewish Journal 2)

15 May

May 15, 2011- afternoon

Ah, the mind. Interesting in its complexity, subtle in its simplicity. Or something.

Anyway, yesterday’s blog about The Flintstones newspaper strip led to my recollection of an old memory of an incident from my youth in which I acquired a Flintstones/Passover booklet. That memory led me to recall a picture I’ve had saved on the computer since 2007.

I don’t recall the exact context but the picture shows a religious Jew operating some sort of homemade machine which I think was somehow used in the creation of matzo. It is made from parts of an exercise bike, gears from a real bicycle, some wooden additions, and extra gears. It looks like nothing less than the Flintstone Flyer. (Or Barneycopter, if you want to be accurate.)

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