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The Saturday Comics: The Flintstones

14 May

May 14, 2011

Before I start, any time I mention The Flintstones is a good excuse to post my favorite episode:

I hope you enjoyed that, unless Hanna Barbera sent some goons over to force me to take them down.

And while I’m at it, my favorite Flintstones name? Joe Rockhead, no question.

Thanks for indulging me.

The Flintstones comic strip, which if you’ve read any of these comic strip blogs you won’t be surprised to hear I never heard of before, ran from 1961 to at least 1998 and some sources claim it still runs in some places though I can’t prove it. For all I know some penny-saver in some hick town gets this strip. They run from faithful to the original cartoon to social commentary. Behold!

Did you catch that? They got Yabba Dabba Doo wrong! They forgot the “y”!

And this wasn’t the only Hanna Barbera ‘toon to get stripped:

Happy 50th Anniversary to The Flintstones!

30 Sep

September 30, 2010

Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride would like to wish


A Happy 50th Anniversary!

And of course, a big


To William Hanna


Joseph Barbera!

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