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Fun With The Google Doodle AKA Is That Fred Sanford?

9 Feb

February 9, 2016

I am sorry to inform you, Dear Readers, that Allan Keyes has returned to the pages of The Tepid Ride, for apparently no other reason than to insult me. Letters of complaint should be addressed to Allan Keyes himself, as we disavow all knowledge of his activities.


Allan Keyes is back, baby! Now that Mr. Blog has lifted his restraining order, I am back to doing what I do best- improving Mr. Blog’s internet ranking. Just look at this chart I made up found on the internet:

Views of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride when Allan Keyes does not post 13 views per month
Views of Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride when there is a new Allan Keyes masterpiece 1,068 views per minute

So Mr. Blog needs me, and if he knows what’s good for him he’ll keep those checks coming.

Anyway, when I am not pursuing my highly rewarding career as a master vintner, I can often be found on the internet, where I use my time productively googling things like old Moms Mabley performances on YouTube.

Google does a stupid picture (my God, I am not going to type “google doodle,” that’s just wrong) for pretty much any event, so according to google, Black History Month is just as important as the birthday of the guy who got a high score on Frogger. Now Allan Keyes is nothing if not loving and tolerant, unless you piss me off, so I have to stand up for Frederick Douglass.

This is the google doodle (ok, I did it) they used to honor Frederick Douglass:

clean google

Now I know as much about Black History as the next guy, as long as the next guy is also white, but I say that is not Frederick Douglass, it’s Redd Foxx.

foxx meme

And trust me, no one has done more for black history than Redd Foxx. Except maybe Frederick Douglass. And a lot of other people. But none of them have gotten away with saying this on network TV:

Ah, I love the 70’s. No one gave a crap back then. Tarzan movie, HA! Does laughing at that make me a racist? Uh oh.

But getting back to the point, whatever it was, it turns out that Redd Foxx is a dead ringer for Frederick Douglas



So to sum up:
– Allan Keyes is back
– Screw you Mr. Blog
– Frederick Douglass was born too soon to do standup in Las Vegas
– He also kinda looks like Moses in that doodle too
– Here’s the return of the Fat Guy Eating a Cheeseburger

fat guy beef






Allan Keyes Vs. Ralph Edwards and Stu Billet Productions

28 Oct

October 28, 2013


Dear Ralph Edwards and Stu Billet Productions:  GO F**K YOURSELVES

I’m finding that married life hasn’t improved my disposition much. I’m still a rageaholic – can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet rageahol!


Remember not too long ago, when Mr. B published a tribute to Ed Koch ?


It included a one of kind, very VERY rare clip of a befuddled Ed Koch dealing with multiple clown wrestlers the Behemoth and Titanic Tony arguing over breach of contract for…..something? One of my favorite clips ever.

Well, while that blog and the resulting video went over extremely well with the BMJ2K and YouTube community. Well, except for a couple of old crankypusses that is. Look at this here happy crappy:


You see that????

Now as people (sort of) on the outer fringes of the periphery of publishing, I respect copyright as much as the next guy on the street but gimme a freaking break.  This is probably the single most HI-LARIOUS episode of the People’s Court ever, and insofar as I can tell, this was the only available copy online. This was a public service as much as anything else. PEOPLE NEEDED TO SEE TITANIC TONY DAMMIT!!!!

But even that’s not what is galling me. It’s this:


That’s right. About 287,000 results!!!  But our little clip was singled out.  Hey dummies, you better get to filing copyright claims against all of these people.  Jackholes. I mean geeze, the same cretins that gave wastes of egg and sperm Harvey “TMZ” Levin and Curt  The Court Reporter whatever his name is jobs. I’d rather spend a lazy Sunday hanging out with Doug Llewelyn.





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