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Imponderable #107: Nebraska

6 Sep

September 6, 2013

Remember the game Mousetrap? You had to build a bizarre contraption in which a mouse eats some cheese, a fulcrum tilts, a flag swings up, a rope pulls something or other, pulleys and levers get involved, and 57 steps later a net falls on a mouse. That’s based on the inventions of Rube Goldberg:


That’s what the accident in the next story reminds me of.


Food goes in the bag, bag breaks, can falls out, breaks toe, skin gets gashed, infection sets in, woman dies.

I don’t think the bags were defective, I just think they are so cheap that they can barely contain a pillow. I’ve seen some horribly cheap and thin plastic bags lately. I’m surprised the bag made it out to the parking lot.

I do blame the cashier. None of them know how to bag. They either stuff all your items, including two desk chairs and a fender, in one bag, or go the other way and put no more than two items in a bag, leaving the average family to walk out carrying anywhere from 67 to 108 nearly empty bags.

Usually, and this happens all the time, I rebag my purchases right there at the register. More often I use the bag it yourself counter. However, I don’t like that option. Part of the money I am spending goes to pay the cashiers, whose job it is to bag my items. If I am doing the cashier’s job I want a rebate.

On the other hand, I am guaranteed that my eggs will not be packed under a load of cement.

As far as this lawsuit, he will not get funeral or burial expenses in any court, so cross those out. He also won’t get pain and suffering, that is usually saved for physical pain. Then cut in half whatever the judgment might be because I feel the woman is half responsible. How could she not lift that bag and think it wouldn’t make it to her car? Any of us who lifts a full shopping bag can tell if it is overloaded. She should have done something.

Two giant cans of La Choy and huge bag of rice. I wonder what she making for dinner? (For the next two weeks.)



Imponderable #30: Davidson County North Carolina

6 Jan

January 6, 2012

Dr. Evil sure has fallen on some hard times.

Most stores won’t accept any bills over $20, this guy wanted them to take a $1,000,000 bill? Seriously, if he wants Walmart to take a bill that big then he has to buy more than $476 dollars worth of stuff.

Did he really expect a cashier to have that kind of cash in his register? Did he think no one would suspect that maybe, just maybe, a million dollar bill might not be legit? I guess that’s why he shopped at 5am, figuring the early morning shift wouldn’t be at their best before sunup. I really wish I could find a picture of the bill. Whose picture was on it? I’m betting either Bugs Bunny or the tooth fairy.

A $1,000,000 bill. That guy is 53 years old. What was he thinking?

The question is Imponderable.

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