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Imponderable #109: HOTCOCK!

20 Sep

September 20, 2013

This story has it all!

Drunk man has sex with a Land rover!

Drunk man has sex with a kebab counter!

Drunk man has sex with a floor!

Drunk man walks pantsless down the street!

Drunk man urinates in the street!

Drunk man gets in big big trouble!

Did I mention the drunk man’s name is hotcock?




Imponderable #70: Wales

23 Nov

November 23, 2012

Here in the US we are celebrating Thanksgiving by waiting on line to buy tv sets at 10% off. Isn’t that great? Makes you wonder why we bothered to split from England. (Stamp Act shcmap act. With email that would be moot by now anyway.) But it turns out that the US and England still have a  lot in common, including a love of sophomoric phone pranks involving guy’s junk.

The Imponderable is not going to by why a guy would do that- if you are a guy you already have it ingrained in your DNA to do that. The Imponderable is simply where does that guy find time to make all those calls?

The question is Imponderable… and also an excuse to post a Thanksgiving dinner-full of Jerky Boys phone pranks. Listen up, liver lips.

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