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Top Ten Rejected Star Trek TOS Episodes (Strange New Classic Repost)

30 Mar

March 30, 2023

The big news is that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (AKA The Best Trek since Enterprise) will premiere in just a few short months. This is coming on the heels of an excellent Picard season three, following the utterly boring seasons one and two. This follows the dreadful Discovery, and something called Lower Decks which is allegedly funny but is not.

But before we get expectations too high, let’s look back on this classic repost, which I freely admit is only here because I had no time to run anything new this month.

From December 29, 2014

These episodes were rejected for being too silly or farfetched for the original series.

1- The Enterprise is taken over by hippies- no wait, that happened.


2- Spock’s brain is stolen and- sorry, that was an episode.


3- A woman takes over Kirk’s body and he acts feminine and – oops, they did that one.


4- The Enterprise is taken over by children who worship an alien played by a fat divorce attorney. My bad, that aired too.


5- The crew meets space-Abraham Lincoln and sheesh, that was an episode too? And it also had space-Genghis Khan?

space lincoln

6- Kirk meets a man named Mudd who’s henpecked by a robot duplicate of his ex-wife… no, no that was done.


7- Nazi Planet. Seriously? They did a Nazi Planet?

nazi planet

8- Alien flowers turn Spock into a romantic poet. No way, really?


9- The ship is taken over by immobile breeding cotton balls, while everyone in the crew knows about a new form of wheat except Kirk. Hard to believe, but that’s a story.


10- McCoy sees a giant rabbit, Sulu fights a samurai, Don Juan woos a crewman, and Kirk beats up a bully in some sort of bizarre amusement park.  Wait, that’s not an episode of Scooby Doo? They did that on Star Trek? I give up.



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