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American Chopper: Junior’s Surprise

8 Oct

October 8, 2012


Here at bmj2k.com it is Batman Week and in celebration OCC is working on a new Bat-cycle.

No they aren’t, here is what the gang is up to this week:

American Chopper (Season 8)
Junior’s Surprise
OCC starts a build for Sturgis, PJD unveils a high-tech bike for QUBX and the Teutuls finish their father-son build. Later, Junior and Senior take their new bike for a ride and Junior has a big surprise for his dad.

I wonder what OCC would do with this bike?

The big surprise was ruined for the viewers in the opening tease so I’ll ruin it for you too. Paulie gets an email from the owner of the original bike they are recreating. Neither Teutul has seen it in 10 years so Paulie makes a deal to borrow it to surprise his father with, alongside the new bike. What a coincidence that the owner decided to contact them, out of the blue, at this particular point in time after a decade. Anyway, Paulie is going to hop down to Florida, fix up whatever the bike needs, and bring it back so that when they take the new bike out for the unveil, Paulie can ride up on the original.

OCC is building a bike for the Sturgis rally, a bike like they have not done before (how many times have I written that about various bikes?) which Senior has always wanted to do. It’ll be a 60’s/70’s Easy Rider-style bike, long with two seats. This one is going to have shock absorbers (most of their bikes don’t) because Senior says “I want to ride this one.” As some of you pointed out last week, with the huge antlers on the Widgame bike, many of the OCC bikes are show pieces and not practical to ride. In fact, Senior often seems surprised when they are good to ride.

The Senior bike is using the twisted bars that Senior likes to make a sissy bar. He did the same thing on the POW bike. And speaking of unrideable, CLICK HERE to read about how the POW bike was so unrideable it was returned to the Teutuls.

PJD hit a minor snag when Cody got drill shavings on a carpet and Paulie “had to reprimand him a few times.” What a change from when Senior would scream at Paulie for leaving soda cans and tools and dirt all over the shop.

Strike Two for Cody- oil was leaking out of the front end of the QUBX bike because Cody left out the O-rings. This led to a dressing down by Vinnie, not to mention a lot of backwards work to undo the front end, put in the O-rings, and rebuild it.

With the tank painted and the tablet holder mocked up, the QUBX bike is looking good. The tablet mounts to the side of the frame and swivels to whatever position is comfortable for the user. Props to Vinnie for the design and fabrication.

Last week the tease was that Senior might be angry that Paulie had Nub do the paint. They ignored it last week and this week, at 9:38, Senior says “I’m waiting for Paulie to bring the gas tank from Nub” so that’s that. Way to go, Discovery.

Senior says that he spoke with Mikey a couple of day s ago, and Paulie says that since he’s been off the show he’s been happy, hanging out at Woodstock. If Mikey is getting his act together, which is long overdue, then good for him because he was a physical and mental wreck.

“I haven’t enjoyed being around my father this much since I was a kid.” Paulie. “I hope after the project we can figure a way where we can still spend time together.”

At the QUBX unveil, the fabrication went right up to the last possible minute, as right before the unveil they had to add on the last piece of the exhaust. I can’t say it’s my favorite PJD bike but it is different.

Junior presented Senior with a plate that said “Made in the USA TEUTUL” to mount in the bike as the final piece. But a bigger surprise was yet to come- the original bike. Senior was shocked and touched. He had a look of awe on his face.

“I thought it would be in a scrapyard someplace.” -Senior. Paul Sr. rode the original bike while Paulie rode the new one.

“I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a ride as much as that one.” -Paulie, on riding with his father. “I honestly did not want it to end.”


American Chopper (Season 8)
Senior receives a stern, on-air lecture from a late night celebrity, Junior launches a new business venture and Senior visits PJD for the first time ever. Then, at Sturgis, Senior rides side by side with a bike industry icon.

American Chopper: Uncharted Territory

1 Oct

October 1, 2012

Uncharted Territory
PJD starts a build for technology company QUBX while OCC assembles and unveils a bike for Wildgame Innovations. Meanwhile, father and son continue their collaboration on a re-vamped version of an old school bike.

The rub: Paulie goes with Nub!

The tension tonight will be built around Paulie, wanting to surprise his father, going to Nub to do the paint instead of a neutral third-party. OHHHH!

In the old days there would be tools thrown, curses screamed, yada yada yada, and today? Hmm, we’ll see.

Paulie’s idea as the show starts is to have Senior’s guy do the base coat and Nub do the details. So far, so good.

“He’s one of the best paint artists I’ve ever seen…. I’ve kind of missed not having him as a painter.” – Senior about Nub. I want to hear what Nub has to say about Senior. He has not been very kind to him in the past episodes.

“We had our moments when the arguments took over. The thing that saved me was that my shop was not in their shop.” – Nub.

The OCC Wildgame bike has a huge pair of antlers on the front. I can’t wait for someone to take a shot at the driver by mistake during deer season. It has arrows and crossbows, a skull, and I’m torn between calling it cool and calling it over-the-top. I’ll have to wait to see the final project.

PJD is doing a bike for QUBX, something or other for your computer. The bike is going to somehow incorporate a tablet, a working tablet, built into the frame. It is harder than it sounds due to the heat and vibration of the motor. And as usual, it is much more interesting to see Paulie and the guys design on the fly than to see OCC work from yet another Jason drawing. It is more creative and, even though the overall vision is Paulie’s, everyone gets input.

BTW- I’ve been unable to find out for sure. Does Vinnie still have his own shop? With his new kids and working at PJD, where would he have time?

9:25: Jason sings. Because that’s what we want to see. He also uses a knife to unwrap freshly painted parts. At this point does he really need to be told not to do that? This guy is always playing to the cameras, acting for the cameras, being the kid in fifth grade who acted like a clown when he thought it would get him some attention. and it works. Around OCC he is the teacher’s pet. Senior loves him.

Paulie brought the tins to Nub, who is a true artist, but it was funny seeing him run his hands over and over and over the tank. It was almost as if he were psychically reading the tank.

At 9:35 we got that weird little 2 minute segment Discovery sticks into a lot of their shows in order to cram in a second set of commercials. On Deadliest Catch it is usually the goofy side of crab fishing. Here it was Jason plugging a company that did some paint effects for them.

The Wildgame bike plays all sorts of animal calls. It is official: the bike just jumped the shark. Senior took the bike out for a test ride and with the huge antlers on the front it looked insane.

Insanely stupid.

And whatever they did on the rear fender looked lousy too.

At 9:42 almost the entire PJD crew was wearing their new light blue t-shirts. Normally I wouldn’t mention that and I don’t hold anything against anyone for merchandising, but the light blue really stood out since they almost always wear black. It was jarring. But the shirts were nice, and in this episode Paulie wore at least four different PJD t-shirts.

The less said about the bizarre Wildgame unveil the better.

So did Senior freak out about Nub doing the paint? Did he explode? Did he throw stuff and scream?

Beats me. They didn’t show it.

I don’t know. Neither Discovery nor TiVo has a description.

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