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“That’s not an ad, that’s a secret origin!”

5 Feb

February 5, 2014

The name’s Casino. Jamie Casino. I’m a lawyer.”

This may be the best lawyer ad ever. Period.



Move over Avengers, you’ve got competition. Marvel comics needs to be kicking themselves for not creating a character like this. Sure, Daredevil is really a lawyer named Matt Murdoch, but he’s a wuss compared to Jamie Casino. If Marvel’s Ghost Rider movie was half as good as this ad, Nic Cage would have had a hit on his hands instead of, well, another Nic Cage movie.


BTW, who am I quoting in the title? Me, of course.





Imponderable #26: Nice, France

18 Nov

November 18, 2011

Also known as the Peggy Bundy Act.

Is it a wise legal precedent to require sex in a relationship?
“But your honor, it wasn’t rape, I had to have sex with her. It’s the law!”

And by putting a monetary value on sex, has this judge made all wives de facto prostitutes?

There’s a lot more to say but I am not sure the question is Imponderable. However, it does give me a headache.

At any rate, this is yet another great argument against marriage. Way to go, France.

I have been saying for years that, one way or another, every man pays for sex. Oh, not always in money, but in some way, somehow, no sex is free.

The guys reading this know what I’m talking about.

Now thanks to this judge, not having sex costs a guy too.

What the Hell was James Brown thinking when he sang “It’s a Man’s World?”

The question is Imponderable.

But I bet I’d understand it if I were Soul Brother Number One.

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