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Imponderable #92: At The Carnival

3 May

May 3, 2013

dozen-19-hot-peppersHello my friendz, my name ez Senor Chili Pepper. I wantta tell you the sad story of how I lost my good good friend, Ganjabanana.

It ez not eazy being a carnival prize. You hang on a hook, filled with cheap stuffing, sometimez bugs too. Then one day maybe a leetel boy win you by tossing a golf ball into a goldfish bowl. Maybe a man win you az a prize for hees girl. Or maybe you get to go home with some schmuck with lousy tattoos and a gambling addiction.

Lezten to my story!


4858119409_b044274cca_oWHY deed you have to geeve away my friend??? Ganjabanana was my only friend! Now I hang here on the hook, drying out and letting wasps nest een my hat.

Why deed that jerk spend over $2,000 on a $200 videogame?

The question eez Imponderable.


But it probably went something like this:



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