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Fun With Teh Internets #3

25 Jun

June 25, 2012

You ever have a dream that’s just unreachable? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t make happen? I feel your pain. For years I’ve been dreaming about getting the perfect tattoo. But no matter how hard I look, I can never find an artist who can handle my requirements. And really, what’s so hard about it anyway? Why is it so impossible to find a tattoo parlor that can handle something simple like a full-face picture of Jerry Orbach as he looked in Dirty Dancing, with the words “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner” underneath in gothic script?? It’s not like I asked for anything hard like “mother” or the classic battleship.  Oh well. My dream tattoo is awesome but below are some


Unless this is Mrs. Danza’s arm THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS ONE.  Who the eff loves Tony Danza so much they’d get him permanently on their body?? (Click here for more Tony Danza lunacy.) And the expression looks like the last simile a boy scout would see before being thrown into a victim pit. This person would’ve been better served by getting Danny Pintauro on his arm instead. (Wonder what Danny Pintauro is up to? He is selling Tupperware. For real. click and see.)

This woman needs to be beaten with a Plinko stick.

I believe this pair of YouTube clips sums up my feelings.

I understand that she plans on hiding this with an awkwardly placed bandana for the rest of her life.


This is the Jar Jar Binks of Star Wars tattoos. I can’t decide if this was done by a trained monkey or talented five-year old. PS- Don’t ask to see his Death Star!

And the #1 is…………………………… 

 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…………………on second review, this one is AWESOME!

 Looking at these has given me an idea for an even better dream tattoo…..what do you all think?

Oh no he didn’t!

So what’s your dream tatoo?

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