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Now About That Name…

13 Jul

July 13, 2015

This is a Chinese restaurant in Wildwood New Jersey. It really does have to be a Chinese restaurant, doesn’t it? Anything else and it would be an even worse name. This really sounds like something a guy commits and ends up on the sex offender registry.

DSCF0571Two guys are locked up in jail block C:

CONVICT 1: What you in for?
CONVICT 2: Yo, I beat up my baby mama, b**ch wanted me to give up the b**ches, you know? Ain’t how I roll. What you do?
CONVICT 1: I committed a dong sin.
CONVICT 2: Yo, you on the registry now, homes!

The proverbial sin of the dong. Men are such animals.


(Thanks Saarah, for snapping the pic. 🙂 )


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