Travel Advisory: Knight’s Inn is possibly the worst hotel chain in the nation!

10 Sep

September 10, 2012

Like my previous stuff, this isn’t going to be funny. Unlike my previous stuff, it’s unfunny on purpose. You’re all familiar with the Hotel Carter right?,_Manhattan. It’s that Times Square fleabag that was repeatedly voted the dirtiest hotel in America. Dead bodies were among the least of their problems.

Hotel Carter is one single (awful) hotel. Just like whatever crack neighborhood no-tel mo-tel is local to you, and you kind of expect awfulness from them, because in general, only awful people need to rent rooms in 15 minute increments. 

But imagine if there was a chain of Hotel Carters all across the nation that routinely provided negative star-level service to respectable, unwitting travelers, weary families just looking for a bargain, a place to sleep while on the road?

Well, it exists. You think the Motel 6 is cheap (and it is) and you think the Super 8 is low-rent (bingo!). You think Best Western is a rung too low (and you’d be correct. Mr. Blog and I spent an AWFUL weekend in a Cleveland Best Western once. The highlight was placing a takeout order to a subpar pizza joint called Jester House). Well, at least all of those places are tolerable. Shabby, but generally clean and respectable.  You can get a decent night’s sleep, if not much else.  But this chain… it takes the cake.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the worst of them all……..Knights Inn.

Looks decent enough doesn’t it? Well read on.

NOTE: The following are ACTUAL reviews of Knights Inn hotels from around the country culled from various web sites.  The pictures on the other hand, are illustrations of the point only that I grabbed from google using “awful hotel” as a search. (Don’t replicate that search at home unless you like seeing lots of pics of dead bugs and such)




“When we checked in, the clerk originally could not find my reservation. It was just misplaced into the wrong folder, so that was easily resolved. The room was neat, but did smell a bit moldy. There were no towels or washcloths, and only one small bar of soap . There were shady characters running around outside”



Keep on driving . . . you won’t regret the decision”

The price for this motel is the lowest in the area and it is for a reason . . . . . checking in was a chore and the rooms were so bad that we had to move to a nearby motel.

A few of our group stayed one night and after one found bed bugs, they all moved to new hotels (and one opted to camp out rather than chance another disaster).

Looking at the hotel from the outside tells you all you need to know . . . . . and the inside does not get any better.


“Why do I keep trying Knights Inn”

Billboard said $29. Well yes it was. Heater looks like it was salvaged from a dump, caulking around tub cracked at least 1/4″-1/2″. Holes in walls, burn marks on comforter. Wifi, hehehe. Haven’t tried the bed yet


“don,t even think to stop there”

on     our way from fla to richmond,va,traffic jam,late at night,had to were already full.looking just to sleep and leave early     morning.if the health department visit this hotel,it will close it. blanket     with blood stains,broken dresser,heat working but don,t touch it,it will     break in pieces,you also need tools to change speed of the unit.carpet with     big stains on it,bathtub and showers dirty,watch out for the ceiling,the     sheetrock .you can see the joint separating,almost ready to fall on you     while sleeping towels with big holes in it..lucky us,we had with us pillows     and sheetsand blankets that we brougt back from fla.or we would end up     sleeping in our van if they would have refuse us a is a joke and     many others people had the same night experience.


“The worst hotel I have ever stayed in.”

We     stopped at this hotel just to stay overnight on a trip from Florida to Fort     Bragg, NC. This is by far the worst hotel I have ever been in. We thought     we would go cheap as it was “just a place to sleep.” It was cheap     alright, $41.38 a night but I would have done better to burn that money as     it was wasted. It took me about 2 hours to fall asleep because I was     convinced there were bugs crawling on me, we listened to the TV in the room     beside us ALL NIGHT LONG, there was old, moldy, disgusting urine in the     toilet that I almost puked over the smell. I refused to take my shoes off     in this hotel or in the shower. I would never, ever recommend this hotel to     anyone. Seriously, spend the extra money for a better hotel it will be more     than worth it.


It was very     late at night and we really needed a room and couldn’t seem to get one     anywhere. I suppose my first clue should have been that this place still     had a room, my second clue that the night manager had to force our room     door (by throwing his shoulder into it) to get us into our room (as the     lock did not function), and the third that some lights […]     didn’t work. The ‘towels’ in the room – the largest about the size of a tea     towel, no joke – upon inspection looked like they had been used and just     folded up and put back. The bedsheets, such as they were, were paper thin     and smelled of previous guests. The carpet was stained and looked like it     had not been vacuumed or washed any time recently. The walls were dirty –     not just a little bit, there were obvious large stains and something that     looked like fudge in one spot. The bathroom was awful, the tub was stained     and there was graffiti on the door itself…from 2004. The door had been     painted over at some point, but obviously not very well. The bathroom door was     also cracked and splintered at the edges. We didn’t see any roaches as we     left the lights on, but there was definite roach poo on the bedside table,     in the bathroom and under the sink. I didn’t see any bedbugs – and I looked     – but my daughter suffered three bites on her legs in the night so I can’t     say there weren’t any. I’ve stayed in many hotels and motels before and had     a range of experiences, but this place was by far the worst I’ve ever seen.     This is the kind of place you see in a bad movie and don’t think really     exists, but it turns out that it does. To add insult to injury, in the     morning the ‘cleaning’ staff camped out outside our door and stayed there     until were were actually going out – and then they moved on immediately     without actually doing anything with the room. The best way to see this     place is in your rear-view mirror, and I simply cannot understand how any     sane person could give them a good review.


Nastiest hotel I’ve ever stayed in.”

Omg.     So we were with a band. That doesn’t mean we are disgusting people. This     place is beyond words. Mold on ceiling, walls, around toilets. 70s     wallpaper peeling off the walls because of water leakage. Each of our 3     rooms had holes in the walls or doors, like a punch or kick. The once pink     carpets are caked with crusty mysterious substances. The lamps don’t have     lightbulbs. The shower curtain had a nice layer of mold across the bottom.     In our room the walls were not connected to the ceiling like one side of the     building is sinking. I’ve been in way better places for less. Don’t waste     your money unless youre looking for a good place to buy drugs. Btw this     place comes with its own dealer in the lot. Damn.


I will NEVER stay at a Knights Inn again. This was the WORST MUST DISGUSTING hotel EVER! This was my first and last experience staying at a Knights Inn. Normally for family vacations we stay at Ramadas, Comfort Inns, Howards Johnsons, etc and have never experienced the problems that occurred during our stay at the Knight Inn in Piqua, OH. Upon check-in we were not greeted by a friendly woman. She looked and acted as if it was the last place she wanted to be. We were given our room key and parked our car. When entering the building where our room was – the hallway smelled like an old moldy stinky bar /sweaty locker-room combination. Our room had the very same smell. The bathroom had no drain screen and you could see the plumbing which was rusty and green slime formed inside the hole. Not a place a would take even a shower in! We called the front desk hoping we could get another room since there were only 4 cars in the parking lot. Not a chance! They sent a maintenance man up to our room and he explained that he couldn’t put a drain cover in for us. He told us that someone probably stole it which was untrue since you could plainly see that the reason the drain cover was missing was due to the rust that had formed around the opening. The carpet was old, dingy, damp and covered in mildue. We were given 1 washcloth for the 3 of us to use. There was no clock in the room so it was impossible to set any alarm for the following day. The bed was so uncomfortable and would squeek with every little movement which ultimately resulted in none of us sleeping. The continental breakfast consisted of disgusting tar-like coffee, toothpaste (YES! I did say toothpaste) samples and dried cranberry sample packets. Hmmm – not a breakfast I would consider “continental”. Upon check-out we handed in our room key to the mainenance man (who was now working behind the front desk) he looked at us and with a most unpleasant attitude said “do you need anything”? I said “no”. To be quite honest I was waiting for him to ask “so how was your stay” or “thank you for staying with us” but I think the reason he didn’t ask was because he KNEW what our answer would be.


This     was the first hotel hat I absolutely refused to stay at once I showed up. I     typically stay at 2 or 3 star hotels… This hotel doesnt even deserve a 1     star. As soon as I went to check in I got a creepy feeling. I felt     disgusted and frightened (though I cant really explain it.) When we showed     up in the room, we noticed that the room definitely looked outdated, which     in and of itself wouldnt upset me. But then we noticed that there were     nasty stains on the comforters. Then when we lifted that up, the next     blanket was not only stained but it had several cigarette burn holes in it.     (This was on both beds). There was a huge hole in the wall right next to     the 2nd bed. Then the bathroom light barely came in. Seeing the blankets     was the icing on the cake though. My husband went to the manager to ask for     new blankets but he was rudely told that they didnt have an additional     clean comforters, and then he made a quick call which stated that they had     one blanket… (even though we had two beds.) When asked if they had     another room, the manager claimed that they were fully booked and had no     where for us to go. When my husband returned to the room, the family in the     room next to us said their room was disgusting also, and that they even had     blood stains on the wall. (The room 2 days down stated the same thing.) I     refused to stay there and began calling around to other places, while     talking to expedia to get them to cancel my reservation. Expedia then     called the hotel, and the manager then stated that he had another room to     move us to. (Even though he stated 5 mins early that he did not!) We     refused and ended up having to stay at a hotel 30 mins away. (It was spring     break week this past week and all the nearby hotels were fairly booked.)

Ladies and gentlemen…..I present to you the WORST hotel review. EVER:

Saving Money isn’t Important enough to stay here.”

I’ll try to keep     it short and sweet. The property and vagrants that occupy it were so     sketchy when I went to the snack machine I set up a code word for my     children and said don’t even let mommy in unless I say this word. This was     just in case I was escorted by an armed gunman. Alot of the a/c units were     missing leaving holes under the windows. This being said it was no shock     when we were awakened in the night while someone was attempting to take     ours. I was there in an emergency situation, dropped off, and room paid for     by a friend, or I would have left.


That’s actually too real for me, lets lighten it up a drop:

And there were plenty more reviews that I could’ve grabbed, but these were awful enough I think. This is why I’m a strict Holliday Inn man myself.  Folks, if you do travel, avoid these at all costs. I’d rather nap in the car like Michael Jordan’s father than stay in these places.


7 Responses to “Travel Advisory: Knight’s Inn is possibly the worst hotel chain in the nation!”

  1. zathra September 10, 2012 at 5:48 am #

    It’s like looking at some of the kitchens in ” Kitchen Nightmares “. I’ve been to some fleabag hotels in my time, & this make them look like the Ritz – Carlton or the Taj Mahal. The only thing missing is a group of druggies cooking meth.


  2. Saarah September 11, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

    One word “Yuck!”


    • zathra September 11, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

      I think I’ve seen less disgusting crime scene photos of murder – suicides.


  3. pennycoho September 20, 2012 at 8:35 pm #



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