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American Chopper: Back In Time

11 Sep

September 10, 2012

PJD is still working on the Geico Armed Forces bike. OCC is still working on the OCC Cafe bike. Believe it or not, they are going to build three OCC cafes! Yeah, I am sure that’s a good idea. Anyway, Senior and some suits checked out the food the chefs are prepping for the cafe. For a place that is going to sell burgers and wings the chefs are very classy. Frankly, I think the food is a little too high-class for the chopper crowd. Not a knock on anyone, but I would serve more basic, manly fare. No one will be going there for a three-course meal.

Once again, Jason’s monkey design was not so hot and Rick and Senior made changes. Remind me again how good Jason is? Can you? Nah, you can’t.

Paulie and Senior met up at Senior’s gigantic place and they decided to redo a bike like the very first one they built together, one Paulie had fond memories of. The two of them seemed to bond over the pictures Senior kept of the old builds from the old days. Both of them seemed really touched. I think I may have seen some genuine emotion from them. But on the other hand, a lot of readers pointed out how managed Senior’s image has become recently so who knows?

Senior, BTW, has dropped a ton of weight/mass/muscle call it what you will. Plus happy 63rd birthday Senior! Mikey seems true to his word and is not on the show, but he sent his father a happy birthday text which sounds lame but considering how his last text to Senior was an illiterate cypher, this was amazing.

Sept. 17, 2012
Senior and Junior get to work on their bike build, which reaps surprising results as the two bond over old memories. Meanwhile, PJD starts a trike for Loopster while OCC builds a bike to benefit Senior’s favorite charity.

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