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Imponderable #61: Kalispell Montana

7 Sep

September 7, 2012

Are you familiar with ghillie suits? They are used by the military as camouflage. Imagine a dreadlocked Chewbacca dyed camouflage colors and you’ve got it.

And now, armed with that bit of background, on to the Imponderable.

Ah, what won’t people do for fame? I love the fact that the Trooper suspected that “alcohol may have been a factor.” Of course it was! Had to be! alcohol is always a factor in the fun things in life, like drunk driving, running naked through your in-law’s house,  or waking up next to Lindsay Lohan because c’mon, no one would do any of that sober.

“I think I am going to stand along the side of the road in a ghillie suit and fake a Sasquatch sighting” is generally not a sober thought unless you are a frat guy and even then you are likely drunk at any given hour of the day anyway. But this guy was 44 so there goes that excuse.

The funny part, the real insult added to injury (literally) part, is that after he got hit, he was hit by another car while he was lying in the road. At this point I am proud to say that the ghillie suit was working rather well. God bless our military.

BTW- did anyone else notice that the ages of the drivers that hit him were 17 and 15? We have an alcohol fueled imbecile, a piece of military equipment being misused, and ridiculously young drivers. Montana? This sounds like Hazzard County. Are Bo and Luke accounted for?

I have to admit that this is my favorite Imponderable to come down the road in quite a while. What did this guy want to get out of it? As practical jokes go this is pretty lame.

Why would anyone want to fake a Sasquatch sighting?

The question is Imponderable.

But very, very funny.

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