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Sneak Peek of the Week of January 29th 2012

29 Jan

January 29, 2012

I had to share that picture. A place in Seattle performed a puppet version of the MST3K classic Manos, the Hands of Fate. Doesn’t the Master look cute? I’m just sorry we can’t see Torgo’s humongous knees. The MST3K book claims he is some sort of goat-man but I have my doubts.

Meanwhile, what’s going on here this week?  Glad you asked.

Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride is all about yours truly this week.

We’ll talk about my experiences during the filming of King Kong (The original Big Ape) on Monday. On Tuesday I’ll regale you with my dinner date at Buffalo Wild Wings and on Wednesday I’ll stay in the spotlight with a story from my experiences in the corporate world. Thursday features another OTR interview I did for the OTRr Buffet. On Friday I step aside and the Imponderable poses another wacky question and on Saturday the regular Saturday Comics feature unveils a new twist. All this, a woman named Saarah, and more, this week on Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride.


The Saturday Comics: Hejji by Dr. Seuss

28 Jan

January 28 2012

I wish this wasn’t so short-lived. A weekly Dr. Seuss comic strip. There isn’t much known about it so I’ll quote from wikipedia, which can’t be that far off:

Hejji was a short-lived 1935 comic strip, an early work and the only comic strip by prominent children’s author Dr. Seuss (pseudonym of Theodor Geisel). Hejji was produced by Geisel during the Great Depression, two years before the publication of his first book.

Distributed by William Randolph Hearst’s King Features Syndicate, Hejji began publication on April 7, 1935, as a Sunday strip. A comic strip with an unusually brief publication period, it was cancelled before the year’s end

The title character was a traveler who, in the first strip, entered the strange land of Baako, which had whales swimming in water-filled volcano craters, a flower broadcasting music and twin goats sharing a single beard. Hejji inadvertently plucks the sacred Trumpet Flower and is promptly arrested. He is taken to the palace of the Mighty One, who has Hejji thrown to the Seven Deadly Wombats. After Hejji escapes, the Mighty One apologizes and gives him a guided tour of Baako. They encounter various creatures and eventually arrive at the mysterious castle of the Evil One.

Characters and situations from Hejji reappeared in later Dr. Seuss work. For example, the two goats with the single beard reappeared in the musical fantasy film The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T, scripted by Geisel.

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