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A Matter of Perspective

12 Jan

January 12, 2012

First impressions are often wrong. It is easy to jump to conclusions. Consider the following news story.

I was all ready to write a post about bosses from Hell. I’ve had a few. On my very first job I was a stock clerk and my boss would send us across the mall to get her a smoothie- skim milk with low-fat yogurt. It has been over twenty years and I still remember how she ordered it. We all hated her so we never ordered it the way she wanted it and she was so disliked throughout the mall that the people who made her drink, who never worked for her, would do unspeakable things to her shake.

But I like to do a little research first, especially since this post was originally slotted to be an Imponderable. Check out the next article about this same story.

After this article, while I wasn’t feeling much friendlier to the boss, I was feeling much less friendly to the employees.  I was starting to get the sense that the employees really needed a swift kick in the butt. They were talking on their cell phones during work and playing video games. I’m a consumer. I’m not feeling so bad for them right now. And if the boss’s memo made them quit, then the store is all the better for it.

I am not so sure he’s the boss from Hell. Yes, he did a stupid thing but I’m swinging toward the employees being the staff from Hell.

And now article three. (Click to enlarge.)

I would never have expected it, but an industry site had the best take on the story. There was plenty of blame to go around. Who would have expected the funny story about the boss from Hell to become a teachable moment?

And who would have expected it to have the best journalism?

I guess this turned out to be an Imponderable after all.

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