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Imponderable #32: Montcalm County Michigan

20 Jan

January 20, 2012

Quick story: Frequent contributor and friend of the blog Mr. Allan Keyes manages a large staff in a large company. His staff took part in a larger meeting which dealt with certain issues about the office environment. At the end of the session the floor was opened to suggestions about improvements and, in a moment that he has yet to live down, one of his key staff members stood up and with great seriousness asked the chief executives for a soft ice cream machine for the break room. Worse, she proceeded to explain her reasons. (“Makes people happy, and happy people work harder” topped the list.)

And now, The Imponderable:

“The machine could be useful at the scene of a large fire.”
“The machine was capable of making ice packs.”


“I don’t like the term snow cone machine, because it sounds horrible. When you look at it as an ice shaving machine and its purpose it makes a little more sense.”

No it doesn’t. Its purpose is to make snow cones! You know why it sounds horrible? BECAUSE IT IS HORRIBLE!

Is this thing going to save our country from terrorism?

The question is Imponderable.

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