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Late Night Movie House of Crap: Zardoz

4 Aug

August 4, 2011

I have never seen this movie. I became interested when I saw it listed on Fox Movie Channel. Here is the description I got from my TiVo:

An exterminator of Brutals lands in the Vortex and mates with an Eternal in the year 2293


As my brother put it, that description didn’t bring enough to the table.

Here is what IMDB has to say:

In the far future, a savage trained only to kill finds a way into the community of bored immortals that alone preserves humanity’s achievements.

That’s a bit better but still doesn’t do it for me. Let’s see the plot summary.

In the distant future Earth is divided into two camps, the barely civilized group and the overly civilized one with mental powers. A plague is attacking the second group, after which its members cease to have any interest in life and become nearly catatonic. When Zed, one of the barbarians, crosses over, the tenuous balance in their world is threatened.

It is starting to sound like MST3K material to me but this is no way to judge a movie. Let’s see the trailer.

Oh wow.

The takeaway from that trailer? James Bond in a red diaper.

But I love those credits. LOVE them! They remind me of an old video game, and I am not the only one.

 And James Bond in a red diaper?

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