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American Idol 2011

21 Jan

January 21, 2011

You guys see the new American Idol last night? It was the debut of new judge Vinnie Barbarino and the return of Paula Abdul.

Wait- that was Steven Tyler? From Aerosmith? Man, putting his non-stage personality on display is a big mistake. Did the producers actually listen to him talk before he got the job? “Oh, youse is so freakin’ talented!” I always thought Boom Boom Washington was the smooth talker in the Sweat Hogs.

And that was Jennifer Lopez? Not the return of Paula Abdul? She couldn’t make up her mind, she loved everyone, had nothing bad to say about anyone, and passed people simply because they begged. One she passed because, even though the contestant had a bad audition, Jennifer remembered her previous audition from when she saw it on TV four years ago. Are you sure this isn’t loopy Paula?

My review? FAIL.

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