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18 Jan

January 18, 2011

Most lawyer ads are the same. Guy in a suit, wood-paneled office, law books in the background, a couple of guys in ties, maybe one with his jacket off and sleeves rolled up. looking intently at a piece of paper meant to be a writ, or a tort, or whatever. A voiceover, a pledge to work for you and get what you deserve, and an 800 number. How do you stand out?

 Make a really bad commercial.


OK, never mind the cheesy acting of the accident victims, you see that all the time. and ignore the lawyer near the end who almost can’t keep a straight face as he’s looking over his partner’s shoulder at the script- I mean at a legal document. My problem is with the animation. It looks like something done by either a talented eight year old or a gifted chimp. And their logo- made up of happy, smiling, disabled, bandaged accident victims. There are many questions I could ask, but I think this one sums them all up-  what’s up with that?

But is it better or worse than the commercial it replaced, featuring the rappers?

And now the Spanish version:

I think I prefer the Spanish version. 

The song I get- it repeats the number over and over and over until you want to drill a hole in your head to drain the song out. But are these the least interesting rappers you’ve ever seen? Who wants to see them?

No wonder they were replaced by badly animated squirrels. Or chipmunks? What are those things anyway?

I went to their website for some answers. All I got were more questions. I am not sure they are a legal firm. This is from the front page of their website:

OK, they are a law firm, but they don’t seem to make their money from practicing law. In fact, on their whole front page, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a mention of their law services. You do however find this:

It seems that this law firm is based not around the practice of law but around the licensing out of their phone number and allegedly effective commercials.

On the other hand, what other law firm gives you a guarantee of a free lunch?

I never saw a Supreme Court justice make that claim, but then again, they don’t even have their own animated logo, so what does this say about them?

During the course of my research, I even found that these guys have their own YouTube channel featuring their two commercials. It is lighting YouTube on fire!

I have seen a ton of lawyer ads, from the guy in the cowboy hat to the woman who screams her own last name, but this is easily the worst of the lot.

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