Speaking of Glenn Close…

5 Jan

January 5, 2011

Before I begin, a massive thanks to Skinner, on whose site this all took place. (I hope he’s proud.)

Skinner does an occassional series where he answers the often absurd questions posted on CNN’s front page. Here is today’s:

Well, I couldn’t top that, but I was drawn to the next point, “Glenn Close upset over Navy video.”
And it went from there.

Clearly, there had been some sort of misunderstanding on my part. I attempted to correct it.

I’m not sure that cleared it up at all. In fact, I think it made things worse.

For those of you who tried in vain to click on the video above, here it is: (Click on this one, guys.)

I may not have quite gotten it right again.

And that’s the way we ended it, but not before Skinner and I found some common ground. Here I present, for the first time outside of Skinner.fm, Glenn Close’s audition for The Horror of Party Beach.

Skinner.fm: Where the fun is.

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