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Let’s Play “What’s Wrong with this Business Model?”

16 Nov

November 16, 2010

Let’s Play “What’s Wrong with this Business Model?”

It continued:

“How dare you? How dare you! You’ve got a lot of nerve, coming in here and buying a dozen baguettes. And that dinner last week? Screw you! Who do you think you are, spending money in here like that?

Obviously, our closing is the consumer’s fault. You decided that you didn’t want to spend money in Don Otto’s. Who are you to make a decision about your money like that? We’re Don Otto’s, be-atches! This store deserves a better class of customer. Fuck you, South End!”

Shit. Now where am I going to get my $8 carton of eggs? ShopRite only sells the $2.19 carton of eggs. I suppose I could go to Balducci’s, but they only charge $3.09. Even the organic eggs don’t break the $4 mark. I guess I can go into the Village and get some free range organic vegetarian eggs from local farms, but even factoring the gas to get there I am only paying around $5. Maybe I can convince them to sell me only a 1/2 dozen eggs at the full dozen price and make it up on percentage? I really need those $8 eggs.

Of course, the real problem is that I just didn’t “understand that my purchases make a difference, and that by buying something that wasn’t exactly what I want, it gets me closer to what I want. It’s an investment.”

Today I went shopping. I wanted a pair of pants but I bought a skirt instead. When the store does a little better I’ll get those pants.  I needed a new comforter but all I saw were scratchy horse blankets. Sure, I could have gone next door to Sears, but like Don Otto’s, Petco needs loyal customers too. So instead of sleeping under a comfortable $20 Sears comforter, I sleep under a rough $55 horse blanket. It isn’t exactly what I wanted, but I see it as an investment.

I hope my dermatologist can help with all the abrasions I seem to have gotten lately.

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