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A Scientific Explanation of Burt Reynolds’ Mustache

9 Nov

November 9, 2010

The women love Burt Reynolds. Ever wonder why? It may not be what you think.

In research results announced in June, a team led by a University of Oklahoma professor, studying Mexican molly fish, discovered that females evaluate potential mates on sight, based on the prominence of the moustache-like growths on males’ upper lips. More controversially, the researchers hypothesized that males further enhance their mating prowess by employing the “moustache” to tickle females’ genitals. (Catfish have similar “whiskers” and perhaps use them for similar purposes, said the researchers.) [BBC News, 6-28-10]

Samson had his hair, Burt Reynolds has his ‘stache.

They call him "The Catfish."

 See also: Tom Selleck.

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