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In other words…

28 Jan

January 28, 2014

Architects are not known for their grammar. Mainly they grunt, with a flat pencil gripped between their teeth. But I think they should speak up a little more, since they could really help out the lexicon.

You’ve all heard the expression “as long as you live under my roof… ,” and I’m sure you’ve heard some variation of “it won’t leave these four walls.” But what about the floor? Wouldn’t it be just as accurate to say “as long as you live on top of my floor?” Or if you have someone in your basement, how about “as long as you are on top of my foundation?” I’m sure architects can do a lot to spice up English. What about an expression featuring joists? A witty pun on the flying buttress? How about a simple exclamation centered around the insulating properties of fiberglass? Heck, I’d settle for a simple spackle saying.

Get a move on, architects. We need you.

Let's face it. Mike Brady wasn't much of an architect....

Let’s face it. Mike Brady wasn’t much of an architect….

...but he had a heck of a perm.

…but he had a heck of a perm.



Words of Inspiration and Solace

9 May

May 9, 2013

I’ve been having a rough time lately. Sometimes it seems like everything I do is wrong, like everyone is against me. It is at times like these that I think back and rely on a bit of wisdom handed down through my family. I draw solace from its words, inspiration from its meaning.

You can’t ride a wet horse to Germany.

That old adage comes from MAD Magazine and never have truer words been spoken by Alfred E. Neuman.

I feel better just for having shared.

And now, Dave Berg’s The Lighter Side.


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