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Monday Monday, Can’t Trust That Day

20 Jan

January 20, 2014

I’m not working today and if you are a government employee neither are you. Of course, being a government employee means you are likely not working too hard on any day. (I’m looking at you, woman at the pickup window of my post office.) But today, thanks to Martin Luther King Jr, we all have a free day. Free at last, free at least, oh Lord I have this Monday free at last!

So, being the dynamic go-getter that I claim to be, I decided to be proactive and get ahead of the game, and other nonsense business-type gobbledygook. I dynamically got out of bed and, in a fit of proactive action, strode to my computer and, while still wearing my pajamas and unshaved or showered, googled “things to do on Monday.”

The first link was from askmen.com and that sounded good to me, because had it been from askgophers.com I might have skipped it.

They had a top ten list of things to do on Monday, tailored to dynamic and proactive guys like I claim to be when I fill out my self-assessment at work. Perfect! It was a great list, until I clicked on the very first item and ground to a dead halt.

NUMBER TEN: Use Your Weekends Effectively.


What? What? Hello, askem.com, this is MONDAY! The weekend is over! Unless the rest of number ten contained detailed instructions on how to build a time machine and go back in time to use my weekend effectively, there’s something wrong here.

You can’t have a great Monday morning if you had a lousy weekend. Work is obviously important if you want to be successful, but there’s always something that can wait until Monday. Weekends are a time for yourself — to unwind, to relax and to think. In fact, many people do their best thinking during leisure time, because you’re free from other work distractions and can think abstractly. Whether you spend your weekends still working or raging into the wee hours, it’s time to dial it back and give yourself time to reset.

WTF? This should be on a list of things to do on Friday. How is this going to help me today?

And then I realized- I am not working today, making this effectively another Sunday. This IS STILL THE WEEKEND, really.

So taking askmen.com’s advice, I’m going back to bed.





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