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The Saturday Comics: Flush Man

27 Apr

April 27, 2013

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Flush Man!

Is he a super-plumber? A man with the proportionate strength and speed of a toilet? Some sort of alien-toilet hybrid? No my friends, no, he is none of those things. He is …

The Flash!

It seems that down in South America The Flash is known as Flush Man. Really! He is!

I don’t know how that translates, and I don’t care. I could google it but why ruin the funny? FLUSH MAN!

The only problem is, they have it wrong. THIS is FLUSH MAN:

Dan Dan the City Wide Man

Dan Dan the City Wide Man


Really, I can’t enough. So in that spirit, I present to you the Dan Dan the City Wide Man commercial that aired all over the place on Long Island a few years ago. Seriously (I mean this, seriously) the jingle was so catchy I’d catch myself singing it all the time.

He’s smart!
He’s neat!
He’s fast!
He’s economical!

The only problem is, if you go to the website today, there are a bunch of other City Wide Dudes, but no Dan. I think the JLA kicked him out.

Imponderable #50: Monument Colorado

15 Jun

June 15, 2012

The Imponderable has turned 50. That in itself is Imponderable. The series began with a story about a woman who suddenly developed a British accent after dental surgery and was quickly followed up by an assault with an animal carcass and Vatican relics found in a trailer home in middle America. No less than three people were flattened by steamrollers and from London, a lawyer invoked self-defense in a case of public urination. We saw bad puns by lawyers at their clients’ expense, a boy who loved his toilet, and Japanese scientists who developed a way to scan people’s butts.

It has been interesting to say the least. So there had to be something special for #50 and as always, the news media came through.

Wow. “We have that bathroom problem again.” Is nothing safe any more?

“Problem”? This is more than a mere “problem.” Guy’s junk got scalded when a jet of steam shot out the urinal he was using. Ouch! Talk about getting hurt right where you live. I can’t imagine the Arby’s plumbing nightmare that caused that guy’s nightmare with his plumbing. How could it the restaurant’s pipes be that screwed up?

Clearly this guy is in line for a huge settlement, but would you want to go through what he did for a few thousand dollars? Although I have no clue what his “financial losses” might have been, unless he was a porno actor, the guy is definitely entitled to a boatload of cash.

He is also putting a price tag on the value of sex with his wife. That is either an insult or a compliment to her, I am not sure which.

How could a jet pf steam shoot out of a urinal and scald a man’s junk?

The question is Imponderable.

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