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The Saturday Comics: Mutts Comic Cons 2014

30 Jul

July 29, 2014


Every year at San Diego Comic Con time, Patrick McDonnell turns over a week of his brilliant Mutts strip to superheroes. Too bad for them, they are always tormented by Bip and Bop, a pair of squirrels, sure to be their newest arch-villains, who live in what must be the most perfect tree in the world, as every hero is compelled to spend a few minutes in its shade. In the past, he’s done DC heroes one year, Marvel the next, but this time he’s mixed them up. Bonus points if you can identify the classic cover he’s paying homage to in the Sunday strip.


The Saturday Comics: Mutts Comic Cons 3

27 Jul

July 27, 2013


Every year one of my favorite comic strips, Mutts, pays homage to the San Diego Comic Con by turning its strip over to superheroes. Last week, I looked back at the last couple of years and now this week, the current run of Mutts comic cons. This series features Bip and Bop, a pair of acorn-loving squirrels. (And by “acorn-loving” I mean “they love to drop acorns on people’s heads.”) BTW- note the X-Men in their original costumes and Iron Man in a very early (and accurate) version of his armor.


muttscomiccons 3


I will never understand why they insist on standing under that tree.


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