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American Chopper: OCC Is Back On CMT

19 Nov

November 19, 2013


I guess television hasn’t had enough of the Teutuls. Not long after American Chopper was canceled, here comes Orange County Choppers on CMT, Country Music Television. (Discovery/TLC owns the American Chopper name.)

From all appearances, this is the exact same show, with fake builds, stupid pranks, lots of bellowing, and that same idiot designer. The only difference is that Paulie seems to have had the good sense to keep PJD out of this nonsense. (I’m assuming he was asked, of course.)

So since this is no longer technically American Chopper. I need a new logo.

occ rundown

Um, I going to have to work on that.

For the record, this seems to be their real logo:


See that dopey-looking dragon bike? We’ll get back to it.

As I said, this seems like the exact same show. While I did not (and will not) watch the first episode, I did see clips and previews online. What did I see? Jason smashing a door down and grinning like a mental patient at his dragon drawing. In fact, someone seems to think so highly of that doofus that when I clicked on show info I saw this:


And that picture is enough for me. Someone seems to think that people like him, yet all the analytics I see show that people search for “Jason Pohl idiot,” “Jason Pohl fired,” and “Jason Pohl asshole” far more than “Jason Pohl funny” (zero searches) and “Jason Pohl genius” (zero searches.)

Remember, he is nothing more than a cartoonist. How many times did Rick Petko say that his designs were unrealistic? More than once Mike Ammirati had to redesign Pohl’s plans because they were unworkable. And this dragon bike? I’m sure it was cool when I was 13.  Looks totally uncomfortable to ride. So let’s see what he says for himself in his online bio:

jpocc4“Pohlie?” He really makes this easy, doesn’t he?


Um, that’s not a prank, Pohlie. It is impossible to play a joke on an inanimate object.


No, your most annoying habit is being a kiss-ass toadie to Paul Senior.

Anyway, if you miss American Chopper I really do recommend that you watch this show. You won’t see PJD or Paulie, Vinnie or Cody, and surely not Mikey, but you will see Paul Sr, the real train wreck of the show in the first place. Will I follow the show? Will I do weekly recaps? Nope, but I will check in from time to time, when I’m feeling in need of something less painful than a root canal, but worse than a splinter in the eyeball.

(NEW!) Amercian Chopper: GEICO Military Tribute Bike

28 May

May 28, 2013


When American Chopper ended last December, I thought that, with perhaps the exception of a Discovery/TLC special a year or so down the line, this would it be for both PJD/OCC and The American Chopper Weekly Rundown.

I firmly believed, and still believe, that without the television show both of these companies will lose significant orders. After all, despite starting as real motorcycle-building program, the show devolved into little more than commercials for the customers (with bad pranks and fake fights thrown in.)  Among people who are much more into bikes than I am, neither Paul Sr. nor Paulie are taken that seriously. They had great name recognition thanks to the network they used to air on, but that’s all over now. The free advertising has come to an end.

So I was pretty surprised when I saw this:

I wonder if GEICO signed their contract before the show was canceled? Or, more likely, since PJD had already done a pair of bikes for them, this might have  just been fulfilling a contract for a series of bikes.

But to the point, that is one ugly bike. Not only is it covered in large, comically shaped words, making it look like something out of Schoolhouse Rock, but the giant lizard in the helmet totally fails to scream “military tribute.”

I suppose this commercial is giving some badly-needed visibility to PJD and of course the GEICO contract is nice money, but in the long run, I wonder how much time is left in PJD’s tank. OCC will limp along, I’m sure, but PJD was still a relatively new startup and when last we saw them, Paulie had sunk a lot of money into the new studio he planned to use of commercials and animation.

There’s been little new information about either OCC or PJD online. I assume nothing major has changed since the show ended. I’m always up for some Teutul gossip but one thing I will bet- Mikey and Paul Sr. still have not talked.

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