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Late Night Movie House: Monster Movie Ads and Trailers

17 Apr

April 17, 2013


Local TV used to be so cool. Now there is barely any local TV. I’m talking about the independent stations that had no network affiliation. The last one in NY was bought last year by CBS, so instead of cool classic TV reruns and old movies, we get CBS news anchors hosting cooking shows.

Progress. PFFFFFT!

Used to be channel 5 would show Kung-Fu movie double features on Sunday afternoons. Channel 11 used to do Abbott and Costello double features on Saturdays. Every Thanksgiving would bring 3 King Kong movies on Thursday and 3 Godzilla movies on Friday. On weekday afternoons you could find a week of Planet of the Apes films and anytime was a likely time to find a Dracula or Frankenstein film.

Almost as good were the TV Guide ads for those movies. TV Guide is now a slick magazine but it used to be a black and white digest full of ads like these:

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And the movies? Check out these trailers.

Sneak Peek of the Week of April 14th, 2013

14 Apr

April 14, 2013


Hey hey! We’ve got some good stuff coming up this week!

MONDAY: Allan Keyes meets his match- me! (And a special message for the ladies.)
TUESDAY: A Picture Postcard from my exciting (yawn) trip to Wilmington Delaware.
WEDNESDAY: The Late Night Movie House gives Godzilla a chance to make an all-too-rare appearance in the blog.
THURSDAY: I’m not a stranger, but I am going to offer you candy.
FRIDAY: The Imponderable invites you to meet The Son of The Pimp.
SATURDAY: I look back at a newspaper strip that I never knew existed. OK, maybe you did, but I had no clue.

All that, a hand with 6 fingers, and more, this week at bmj2k.com.


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