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Sneak Peek of the Week of May 6th, 2012

6 May

May 6, 2012

Next week is going to look eerily similar to this week.  

Sunday night/Monday: The Celebrity Apprentice. Only five celebs left and Trump promises to fire two this week.
Monday night/Tuesday: American Chopper. Senior goes to Malaysia to swim under a waterfall (I did not make that up) and Mikey talks to Paulie about quitting the show.
Wednesday: A Photo Tour of Japan, Part 2. Another ten of my brother’s amazing photographs from his tour of Japan.
Thursday: A Classic Repost featuring one of the more disturbing things I’ve posted about Japan, from 2010.
Friday: The last of the Japan-themed posts. A classic Imponderable from January 2011.
Saturday: The last of the 1980’s Marvel posts in Saturday Comics.

All this, an old man who should know better, and more, this week on Mr. Blog’s Tepid Ride.

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