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The Saturday Comics: The Trix Rabbit

9 Mar

March 9, 2013

Remember those fantastic Hostess ads? They were great fun, featuring comic characters from Archie to The Thing in a mini-story where only Hostess Fruit Pies or Twinkies could save the day. Gosh they were fun.

Now I bring you the Trix Rabbit, or as I call him, the One Trick Pony. All he wants is a box of Trix.

Here he is being thwarted by a young cowboy.


Here he is being stopped by a young genie.


Here he is being denied by a grocer.


Here he is being halted by a young miner, a minor miner, clearly breaking any number of Federal employment regulations.


My god, is it any wonder these ads have been all but forgotten? Where was the imagination? Where was the fun? And why can’t the rabbit have some Trix? Is there a shortage? Do they have something to hide? It all seems kind of cruel to me.

But it wasn’t all bad. The Trix Rabbit once met Superman!


Sorry, wrong Trix.



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