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Top Ten Things Rex Ryan Can Do To Keep His Job

6 Nov

November 6, 2014


The New York Jets are a woeful 2 – 9. Head Coach Rex Ryan has been slowly losing his grip on his job over the past few seasons, but this looks like the end for Rex. Is there anything he can do to stay on Gang Green’s sidelines?

Top Ten Things Rex Ryan Can Do To Keep His Job


– Hope that General Manager John Idzik is as clueless as he seems.

– Put on a wig, switch places with twin brother Rob Ryan.

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– Hide under bed for the entire offseason, just show up next season.

– Pray for divine intervention from WFAN’s Mike Francesa.

– Find a way to travel back in time and bring back 1969 Super Bowl MVP Joe Namath to start next week.

– If they want to fire him, they have to go through Michael Vick first.

– Invoke the “If Roger Goodell can keep his job, so can I” defense.

– Promise that if he stays, he’ll try really hard to do better next time.

– Change name to Sex Ryan, do stuff.

– Nothing.




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