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Superhero Team-Up: Batman & Spider-Man & Spider-Man

6 Jan

January 6, 2014

Times Square can be a dangerous place. Good thing it is being patrolled by superheroes like Batman and Spider-Man. But what happens when the heroes turn bad? When the good guys are the villains? Who watches the watchers? Fortunately for us, it is a pair of fanny-pack wearing Spider-men.


Have no fear! The video is here!

While I don’t believe for a second that Spider-Man would wear a fanny-pack, I have to admit that he has it very strategically placed. And if you look closely, the other Spider-Man is wearing red rubber rain boots.

A particularly Dark Knight.
A particularly Dark Knight.

I’m glad The Sympathetic Spider-Man was there, and his clone, to defuse the situation. Not long after this, The Joker threatened to blow up City Hall and Batman just made it in the nick of time to disarm the bomb and take The Joker back to Arkham.

The Spider-Men, meanwhile, hopped on the subway and got mercilessly teased by a bunch of teenagers on the IRT.

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