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The Saturday Comics: 5 Odd Incredible Hulk Covers

26 Jan

January 26, 2013


I’ve an odd bunch of covers for you this week. It isn’t the artwork, which in some cases is quite good. It is the subject matter. Comic covers are supposed to bring in readers. They should catch the eye and intrigue the mind. I’ve picked five Hulk covers that I feel would do nothing to make a casual fan pick up the issue. In fact, if I was thinking of dropping the title, these covers might be enough to make me not buy the title again. I see no way these covers could possibly have increased sales. Other than the last, I present these in no particular order.


“How nice, a Norman Rockwell homage.” Pass.


“Oh, I hope those eggs don’t crack.” The Hulk is not the focus of this cover. In fact, you have to look closely to see him. I wonder how many fans scanned the racks for The Hulk and then asked the guy behind the counter why The Hulk didn’t come in this week. Even the logo blends in too easily. This cover simply makes the comic too easy to miss.


“Marvel Kids is back?” Pass


“So what is this book about now?” The Hulk (the book, as well as the character) went through so many changes in such a short period that readers could be forgiven if they actually believed that this was a Hulk version of Where The Wild Things Are.


“Um, the Hulk is fighting a clown????” ‘Nuff said.


The Saturday Comics: 5 Comic Covers Featuring Jimmy Olsen And A Gorilla.

27 Oct

October 27, 2012

Halloween this year, annoyingly, falls on a Wednesday. Do you trick or treat on a school night? Do it the Friday after? Or the Friday before? Or both? And even worse, this year my part of the USA is expecting Hurricane Sandy to hit right before Halloween, meaning that it just might get wiped out totally. So judging from the low traffic online, I’m guessing that tonight is party night. So in the spirit of Halloween, here is the ghost of a previous post.

December 22, 2010

We skewered Lois Lane yesterday, so let’s give Jimmy Olsen a shot.

This one is simple. Here are five classic covers featuring Jimmy Olsen and a gorilla, and sometimes as a gorilla.

I have to wonder why Superman would ever leave his own title, given all the strange stuff going on in Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen comics. Where is the dignity?

Did you see that last issue? FREE! ICE CREAM COUPON WORTH TEN CENTS! Not bad for a comic that only costs a dime.

I like gorillas as much as the next guy, as long as Jimmy Olsen isn’t the next guy, but I have to wonder what is going on here? On three of those covers he turns into a gorilla (or jungle man, twice), on one cover he is marrying a gorilla, and on the last he is filming a gorilla. Does he have some secret room where he keeps his gorilla stash? Does he sleep in a furry gorilla suit? Is he filming gorilla porn in that issue? I don’t want to know! And if I were Superman, I’d just leave him alone. If Jimmy wants to switch bodies with a gorilla so much that they’d reprint the same story almost 100 issues apart, I say let him. Superman, you only carry your “pal” so far.

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