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The Saturday Comics: Mutts Comic Cons 2015

15 Jul

July 15, 2015


Every year at San Diego Comic Con time, Patrick McDonnell turns over a week of his brilliant Mutts strip to loving tributes to the comics. Usually he features all superheroes, but this year he’s mixed it up with classic comic strips, including Peanuts. That’s just perfect, as Mutts and Peanuts (along with Calvin and Hobbes) are among the greatest strips ever produced. Unfortunately, Charlie Brown, Dot, Robin, and even Dennis the Menace are being attacked by the Mutts squirrel team of Bip and Bop. anyone unlucky enough to pause below their tree learns very quickly who the boss is.

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The Saturday Comics: Mutts (2012)

21 Jul

July 21, 2012

I checked in with Mutts around this time last year but honestly, I read it all the time. It is just that good. The reason I spotlighted them last year is that, to tie in with the big San Diego Comic Con, it runs a week of superhero strips. Here is this years’ crop. Enjoy.

“Mister Miracle?” Thank you Patrick McDonnell! Never expected to see him outside of an obscure DC comic.

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