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Late Night Movie House: The 1970’s Crying Indian PSA

1 Oct

October 1, 2013

crying indian

If you are of a certain age, this is part of your youth. It is part of the shared, collective consciousness of anyone who grew up in the 70’s and has in fact become part of pop culture. It has been parodied by everyone from Johnny Carson to The Simpsons but sadly, later generations have never seen the original. So for all you children of the 1970’s, here is a blast from the past, and for the rest of you, this is your first look at the iconic, incredibly memorable, part-of-pop-culture that is the 1970’s Crying Indian PSA.


The announcer on this video is William Conrad (Gunsmoke, Cannon, Jake and the Fatman). The Indian is  Iron Eyes Cody, who was not a Native American at all. He was actually Espera Oscar de Corti, an Italian who made a living playing Indians in over 200 films.

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