Picture Postcard: The JIMJOE Water Tower of Chinatown

27 Aug

August 27, 2013:

As I mentioned yesterday, Allan Keyes and I spent a long day recently in a Chinatown wedding shop. Yes, I’ll get around to that story sometime. Anyway, outside the widow was a view of an old water tower. the sky was nice and bright, the shot clear, so I took it. If you like urban shots of the way NYC used to look back in the day, this is for you. It is getting harder to find things like this. They still exist, but the tend to be blocked or hidden by newer architecture.



I took another shot through the same window, just a step or two to the right. This one was taken through a neon sign in the window. I don’t think it is such a great shot but it is interesting, so here it is.





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