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Allan Keyes asks HOW COOL IS THIS?

20 May

May 20, 2013



Feel like watching a crudely animated and simplistic movie? Well, check this bad boy out:

Sure, it looks like the kind of stop motion movie that I could make, if I could ever improve my artistic skills to the level of a drunken adolescent gorilla. But look again – this is stop motion based on moving around FRICKING ATOMS.



How freaking awesome is this??! This really is getting to level of playing god now. You see this thing happening, how long from that………to this:

Ooops, I didn’t mean that…..well, maybe a little. Jason Statham is only a little below Vin Diesel on the dreamy scale! Anyway, really I meant this:

Seeing stories like this, or about things like Virgin Galactic really piss me off, because I know that we’re on the cusp of a whole host of game changing things that I can see coming, and unless they invent a cybernetic  colon I doubt I’ll really be around to fully see and enjoy it. All those that will get to live with these wonders will be my kids and grandkids, and really – eff them, the little rotters. They never call and they can’t stay off my lawn.

Think about it – who among us remembers how things were before the internet?   I imagine that’s how things will be once this atom moving process gets fully realized, because doubtless there’s lots of ways this can go that aren’t being considered yet, such as these:

or this!

or this!

or this!

I like that last one the best. Goatees = HARDCORE.

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