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Sneak Peek of the Week of May 19th, 2013

19 May

May 19, 2013

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You are going to give next week two thumbs up. Up what is up to you.

We’ll be doing some reviews at the old Late Night Movie House this week, as Allan Keyes looks (through a microscope) at the world’s smallest film and I look at some multimedia releases, including The Ryan Gosling/Bradley Cooper/Eva Mendes pointless snoozefest, The Place Beyond the Pines.

The Imponderable returns with an armor-clad Mayor urging his warriors constituents to go to battle against, um, what? And Saturday Comics looks back at a Batman and Superman at a point in their lives when they were not exactly at their best.

All this, some Star Trek hijinks, and more more more, this week at Ciao!

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