Imponderable #90: Miami Beach Florida

19 Apr

April 19, 2013

Kids. They grow up so fast. Sweet little shining apples, chips off the old block, fruit of your looms. There is nothing like when your child, who looks up to you, does something to make you proud.

And then there is this father and son.


Aww, how cute. One day those hoes will be his!

I do have to point out, on a serious note, what the State Idiot sorry, Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle had to say: “It’s very much like domestic violence. It’s control. It’s terror. It’s beating. It’s affection- with torture.”

Affection? Affection? Where is the affection? “Violence, control, terror, beating, affection. SERIOUSLY? This is like those abused women who stay with men who break their arms and put out cigarettes on their backs: “but he loves me!” NO, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, there is no affection here. Just abuse and torture.

So this guy was charged in Nevada but not convicted? How is that possible? Is Nevada that messed up that a clear thug like this can get away with his reign of terror?

The question is Imponderable.

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